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His life

Al-Shukairy at School

Ahmad was enrolled in school in Akka and was a hard working student. He went to school regularly and with great enthusiasm. He was very fond of Syntax and Grammar. He admired the boy scouts and became one of them. While he was a scout, his ability to give speeches and his excellence in Arabic became obvious.

School did not prevent Ahmad from attending the lessons in the mosque, nor did it keep him away from joining his father’s councils and reading in his library. Everyone recognized his proficiency in Arabic and religious studies. He finished the second secondary class with highest grades in most of his subjects. He showed a desire to enroll in Al-Azhar Al-Shareef (the highest Islamic institute in Egypt). However, he was forced to sit the year again so that his brother Anwar could also finish and go along with him to Jerusalem where they would continue their studies in Zion school. This was a prestigious boarding school acclaimed for its discipline and teaching of sciences. Ahmad was exempted from taking Arabic lessons, as he was excellent in Arabic, and was also able to overcome the difficulty of the English language, which was the language of teaching of most of the subjects.

Ahmad successfully completed his secondary education with his brother in Zion school and he was graduated in July 1926.


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